Charges for filing Professional Income Tax Return

Description for Professional and Business Silver Plan (Rs)  Gold Plan (Rs) Our Competitors
 MRP  2000/- 2500/-
 Discount  1000/-  1000/-
 Net Price  1000/-  1500/-  Rs 1000/- to 3500/-
Online Income tax return Yes Yes Yes
Hassle Free (  other sites ask Tax payers to fill tax form – But Tax Dost will do it for you) Yes Yes No
Review of  Form 16A by CA, to look for mistakes / Suggest tax planning Yes Yes No
Personal Attention and Tax queries resolved Yes Yes No
ITR-V Tracking No Yes Never
Refund Tracking No Yes Never
Review of form 26AS before filing tax return Yes Yes Never
Round the year Income Tax Consultancy- by phone , email, Website No Yes Some

File your Income tax return now with in 3 easy step.

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