Income Tax Notice

We assist in representing cases in Income tax department for income tax notice received under section 143 (2) Rectification.

Income tax notice u/s 143 (2) : Notice under section 143(2) it means your return has been selected for detailed scrutiny by your Assessing Officer. The notice might ask you to produce documents in support of

  • deductions,
  • exemptions,
  • allowances,
  • reliefs
  • other claim of loss you have made and
  • provide proof of all sources of income.

This is different from notice for inquiry before assessment u/s 142 (1). This usually happens if the AO believes that income has been understated or certain claims of deduction, exemption are not applicable to you.

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Import, don’t ignore the notice. Non-compliance with the notice could lead to a penalty of Rs 10,000, apart from the tax and interest penalty. In some cases, it could also lead to imprisonment. Provide all the documents to the assessing officer (AO) and things might get resolved.

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