Corporate Fixed Deposit High Rate of Interest with very high Risk.

Corporate Fixed deposits offer High Rate of interest. Generally Banks offer 9 to 10. 5 % Rate of interest for period over 12 months. Comparative Rate of Interest of Corporate’s is given below. COMPANY RATING 6 MON 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR DHFL Aashray Deposit Scheme 13 Months-Trusts Only … Continue reading

How to calculate arrears or advance salary under section 89

How to calculate your Income tax liability if in current year you get salary arrears for previous years. Lets take an example Mr Suresh is working with private firm and during year 2013 he receives salary for current year Rs 3 lac and for also receives arrears of salary for … Continue reading

Download e Passbook of Provident Fund deposited with EPFO

Now you can download your E passbook of your Provident Fund account online. You can view the balance and reconcile the balance with the Provident Fund statement issued by your employer. This facility is boon for around 50 million Provident Fund subscribers of Subscriber of EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) Where you can download the passbook … Continue reading