Income Tax Rectification Service

We assist in filing Income tax Rectification.

When can Income tax Rectification be filled –Income Tax Rectification can be filled if TDS is reflecting in your form 26AS and Income Tax Department has not considered the same. Or Wrong calcuation by income tax deparment. As a result they have raised the income tax demand.

Documents Required: Please send us following document at

  1. Form 16
  2. Copy of Income tax return filled
  3. Copy of ITRV
  4. Copy of intimation received u/s 143 (1) from income tax department

Our charges for Filing Rectification in case of Salary income tax return is Rs 300/- only.

Payments : Payment can be made using your debit card or Netbanking through CC Avenues secured payment gateway. Please use the link below to make payment.

Pricing Rs 300/-
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