Income Tax Refunds Service

TaxDost help  you file Income tax return and get fast and maximum income tax refunds.

Our Chartered Accountants review each form 16 / form 16A personally. We suggest ways to reduce income tax liability.

We help in getting full income tax refund due to you. We can assist you in getting maximum Income tax refund, if-

  1. Your employer has more deducted more TDS
  2. Employer has not considered following benefits and allowances

3. Employer has deducted TDS at flat rate of 10.3% and given you form 16 A ( certificate of tax deduction at source (TDS) for professionals).

Don’t wait . Send us your form 16 now. Make Payment and relax. File your Income tax return in 3 easy steps.

Drop us email or upload your form 16 here

Charges for Filing Income Tax Return


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