What is ITR V

What is an ITR-V?

ITR-V stands for ‘Income Tax Return – Verification’ form.

What is the significance of ITR V?

ITR V  is received when you e-file Income Tax Return without using a digital signature. Income Tax Department verifies the genuineness of income tax return when filed online without using a digital signature.

What I am Supposed to do ITRV?

One copy of ITR V should be saved in your records.

Another copy of ITR V should be signed and send to the Income Tax Department to complete the Income tax Return filing process.

Where should i Send ITR V?

To complete the return filing process, follow the below mentioned steps –

  • Print and sign ITR-V.
  • Do not fold this signed ITR-V. Enclose the same in A-4 size envelope.
  • Mail the envelope within 120 days of e-filing to –

Income Tax Department CPC
Post Box No.1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore 560100, Karnataka.
Upon receipt of ITR-V, Income Tax Department will send an e-mail acknowledging the receipt of signed copy of ITR-V. This is your acknowledgement.

How will I know that my ITR V is received by Income tax department?

On receipt of ITRV you will be getting email and SMS from Income tax department. You can also login to income tax efilling site and know the status of ITR-V received or not?

What to do in case Income tax department does not receive my ITR V?

In case you do not get confirmation from Tax Department, please sign the ITRV again and send it by normal post.

Can I submit the ITR V by Courier?

ITRV sent by courier is not accepted. Tax Department has clearly stated to use Normal post or speed post only.

What if I do not submit ITR-V within 120 days?

If you miss submitting your ITR-V within 120 days, your return is considered as never being filed.

In such a case you will have to file revised tax return, get a new ITR-V, acknowlegement number and submit again within 120 days.

Our thought on reducing this cumber some process of signing the ITR V and sending to CPC Bangalore.

We feel that sending ITR V is cumbersome process. Once a taxpayer has filed Income Tax return online, there should not be any furhter steps like sending signed copy of ITR-V to CPC banglore.

Lots of income tax payers has not sent the ITRV or if they have sent then ITR Vis not recieved by income tax department.

There is way that user can digitally sign the income tax return. But this is very costly and require renewal every year.

Probably Income tax department should, come up with a way where they should  register email id of income tax payers ( through one time verification process)and after return is filed then confirmation link should be send to registered email id to confirm, that they have filed this return.

What do you think about this? Is there any better suggestion / idea you have?

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  1. Amitabha Roy says:

    I have digital signature but I for got to sign the online application before submitting. Can I resubmit the same again? Or I have to submit the form with “Revised” option?

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