Form 16 (TDS Certificate)

What is Form 16 (TDS Certificate)?

Form 16 is a TDS certificate, while making payment to an employee deducting the TDS which is issued by the employer. Form 16 is also known as Salary TDS Certificate. In the prescribed from within a prescribed time the TDS certificates have to be issued.

  • For Salaries (Salary TDS Certificate):  Form No. 16
  • For all other payments (TDS Certificates): Form No. 16A

What is Form 16?

From 16 is the documentary proof of filling the online return. Belonging to the salaried for all the people it is available. For Income Tax along with the necessary adjustments the Form 16 represents a complete analysis of the income details of an assessed. From 16 is applicable only for those people who belongs to the salaried class.

In other words it is the proof of tax payment. On our behalf the employer has paid it to the Government and to the employer which we have paid advance.

Why it is used for?

While filling online income tax returns for people’s accuracy the From 16 is only used as a proof. Along with the various tax deductions with respect to the salary of a person the form carries all the information. On the basis of furnished data in Form 16 it becomes easier for the assessed to file. By way of matching the TDS details motioned in the form one can also use From 16 for personal verification purpose. In the two forms there are no disparities in the amount mentioned with Form 26AS.

Why it is so popular?

From the ease the popularity of Form 16 mainly comes. With its pervasiveness it provide to the assesses. In the Form 16 every single detail is mentioned with respect to the income of the assesses. The task of filling the online tax becomes very simple with tax deductions and provisions.  Additionally the validity of Form 16 not generated by the employees themselves as it can also not be questioned. As a statement of income that justifies their current salary rather it is furnished to them by their employers.

From where I have to obtain form 16?

By the employer themselves the Form 16 is usually provided. The peoples are also furnished this form when they collect their salary that depicts other adjustments such as TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and their distribution of salary. If the phenomenon does not exist then contact your employer earlier and ask for the Form 16. From the professional you may also take assistance it is desired.

Time-Limit for issue of Form 16

On 31st Day of May the TDS certificate shall be issued in form 16. May of the financial year next following the financial year in which the tax deducted and the income was paid.

What should I do if employer is not giving from 16?

To issue form 16/ TDS certificates the employer has time limit. There may arise a situation where with their form 16 by their employer people not be provided. It should be understood when this situation persists that from the salary of their employees the employer had deducted TDS but with the IT department has not be submitted. Firstly check the Form 26 AS under such context, with respect to your TDS which should also have details. About your TDS deduction if the other for also is clueless then from the employer it is the time to demand the same and then for the same one ca sue his employer if he same is still denied.





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